Cool Painting Ideas: How To Improve Your Home’s Exterior With Paint

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If you’re thinking of renewing your home’s exterior, the best way to do this is with paint. Painting can breathe new life into your property, and will certainly make it appear more valuable, which is a bonus if you’re thinking of placing it on the market. We have several articles detailing how to prep and paint your home’s exterior, but if you’re in need of some inspiration first – read on.

Instead of going with a dull white, gray, beige or cream color, or any variants of these there are paint colors that are currently trending and will give your home an air of opulence and affluence you wouldn’t get from other common colors. These colors will also make your home unique and allow you to put your own identity on the home.

5 Cool Painting Ideas For Your Exterior

Before anyone steps foot in your home, they’ll be greeted by the exterior. Whether you’re putting your home on the market or just inviting friends or family over for a barbeque do you really want your home to look “predictable”? The thing about choosing different colors from the usual is that it may upset or startle your neighbors or not fit in with the neighborhood aesthetics; if you’re worried about this then these color suggestions will still give you the look you’re hoping for but without the complaints.

  1. Yellow

Nothing will make your house stand out, but still make it feel homely and modern like a coat of yellow paint. This color is both refreshing, aesthetically pleasing and contemporary. It will make your house feel cheerful on colder winter days, but will also be brilliantly beautiful on summer days.

  1. Putty

If you’re looking for a more traditional color, without the predictably of white, gray and off-white putty is the color that comes to mind. As natural, earthy tones are making a major comeback in designer and architectural magazines so are this hue. Putty is a color that’ll blend in with the surroundings, as it is an earthy tone, but it’ll also feel warm and inviting on your exterior walls. It’s a timeless color that won’t fall out of trend any time soon.

  1. Blue Gray

Tired of the depressing gray color plastered all over homes and apartment complexes? Want something still traditional enough to fit in with your neighborhood aesthetic but stand out at the same time? Blue-gray is the best way to do this.

This vibrant color is perfect for the exterior and will remind you of a farmhouse with a twist.

  1. Wheat

Another very traditional color. Wheat is the livelier and vibrant version of its dull counterpart – cream. Painted on your exterior, the color is inviting and perfect for all seasons. In summer it’ll look beautiful with the plants and flowers, but in winter it adds a lovely contrast to the dreary skies.

  1. Combination With White

If you want a very conventional look, but with a twist, try painting your home’s exterior in two different tones. Using white in combination with any of the aforementioned colors. White is always the perfect companion for any color and used on pillars, window frames, and sills as well as on your front door and porch or deck, you’ll find your home looks one thousand times more picturesque is you use white as an accent color instead of a base color.

4 Cool Painting Ideas For The Roof

Staying with the exterior of your home. Why not paint your roof while you’re focusing on breathing new life into the exterior of your home.

This is especially important if you’ve painted or are in the process of painting your home’s exterior walls as the color of your home may clash with the color of your roof. Yellow and red don’t really say homely, more as they say McDonald’s.

So, if you’re interested in any of the above cool painting ideas for your exterior, think about these cool painting ideas for your roof.

  1. Gray Roof

Gray and variants of gray can be spotted on most suburban home roofs. The color is certainly popular and with good reason. Believe it or not, a gray roof is quite versatile. If you’d like to update your home’s exterior choosing to paint your roof gray will allow you to work with far more colors than any other roofing color. You can paint your home white, blue, green, black and yellow.

  1. Red Roof

Red is one of the most traditional roofing colors around, and many tiles already come in this color. But if you’re considering only changing the exterior of your walls and not of your roof as well, then you should know what colors go well with this popular color. Grays and browns go well with red roofs, but if you’re feeling particularly adventurous a black exterior also goes well with red roofs and is definitely one of the more interesting cool painting ideas.

  1. Brown Roof

If you’re thinking of going for a bold yellow exterior, or it’s more timid mustard color, a brown roof is the best option. This color will not only complement the yellow exterior but it’ll complete the look of the home.

  1. Black Roof

Black roofs aren’t a very popular option, as they tend to make a home warmer during the summer months. However, if you stay somewhere particular cold and hotter summer days won’t be a problem for you then this roof is a great aesthetic option. A black roof goes with any gray, white and blue exterior colors, but will work well with similar hues.

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